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November just got nicer with our newest Calendar Girl

Our Calendar Girls have taken a little break the last few months but now we're back for November with an absolute stunner who will make every man who ever wanted his very own Barbie Girl go weak at the knees.

Meet Bailey, our sensual size 10 E cup fashion queen, complete with shimmery blonde hair and legs down to there. Eager to please and always up for fun, this beauty's repertoire will fulfill any fantasy the two of you can dream up.

And just like with Barbie, with Bailey, you can be anything! which, this month, includes her lucky 11 - bagging you a free room rental and turning your time together into every little boy's dream.

So what are you waiting for? Call 03 9878 0011 now and book with Bailey for your chance to get lucky tonight.

You're welcome!

Madame Butterfly x

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