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Have questions about legal Melbourne brothels?

Is Butterflys of Blackburn a legal brothel in Melbourne?

It is true that sex work is still frowned upon in some countries and cultures, however a number of states in Australia, including Victoria, have taken the decision to legalise the industry under licensing so that people who chose to partake – clients and sex workers alike – are free to explore their fantasies with confidence and with a legally enforceable protection of their rights.


Butterflys of Blackburn is a fully licensed and legal brothel (our SWA licence number is: 5415B) located in Blackburn, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We adhere strictly to all of Victoria’s relevant laws and regulations, including respecting privacy, respecting our sex workers and offering safe and consensual sexual services in a clean and secure environment.

Is Butterflys a legal brothel?

4 reasons why legal Melbourne brothels are best


Brothel licensing helps to protects the rights of brothel users and sex workers from prosecution, extortion and violence.


Health checks and safe sex practices mean that sex workers and clients have a lower rate of STI infection than the general population.


The clean, safe & secure environment of a legal brothel means you are safe to explore your sexual limits with an experienced and consenting professional.


Regular healthy sex can have many benefits including lowering the risk of heart attack, improving sleep and easing stress!

Why legal brothels are best



Respect, reasonable expectations, a ready to please attitude and really great hygiene will get the best results from our girls!

If it’s your first time or you’ve got something specific on your mind, then let us know!
We’re all adults here and we find that it’s best to be grown up about these things.
So speak up, ask relevant questions – don’t ask for too much – and, above all,
be polite and everyone will get their happy ending.

Terms and Conditions

What to expect when you choose Butterflys of Blackburn for your Melbourne brothel experience...

Your Privacy

Discretion is our forte -

At Butterflys of Blackburn privacy is of the utmost importance – that of our clients and of our sex workers. We will only collect details required from you to complete a booking and we will never sell or divulge your personal details to any third parties. Your details will not be shared except under the circumstances of serious misconduct, unlawful activity or severe threats to OH&S.


Our ladies are also respectful of your confidentiality. Please do them the courtesy of returning the favour.

Your privacy

Booking Policy

Be sure to get what you come for -

So that we can best serve you, we recommend contacting us in advance if you have a particular lady or date/time in mind for your meeting or if you would like to discuss anything about what we and our ladies offer. We can be contacted over the phone on 03 9878 0011, the most direct route, via email on, via direct message on Twitter or through the Enquiry Form on the Book Now page of our website (which will require you to enter a valid email address for a response).

Booking through our website -

Please note that all booking requests made through our website are just that: requests. Please do not assume your booking is confirmed until a receptionist confirms it for you. This may not be possible before the morning of the day you have requested your meeting for if the lady you desire is particularly busy. We will, however, endeavour to accommodate all booking requests and ask for your understanding on this matter.


We take every effort to ensure that the descriptions we provide of our ladies are clear and accurate, as is required of us by Victorian law. Everyone’s perception is different, though, and if you do choose to book a lady from her description on our website we, therefore, ask you to be open-minded should you find that she does not quite meet your expectations. If you decide that the lady is not what you were looking for on meeting her, we will not charge you a cancellation fee, but you will be offered a chance to meet our other available ladies in case someone else is better suited to your tastes.

Extras and fantasies -

The prices advertised by Butterflys of Blackburn cover the standard service of one of our lovely ladies (payable directly by you to her) and rental of a room in our premises.


Any extras must be discussed and agreed directly between you and the lady before confirming your booking with payment.


If you are after a particular service, please be open and make sure to ask whether this is something that each lady offers before making your choice, as Butterflys cannot arrange this for you. A booking is deemed to be confirmed once payment has been made and Butterflys does not offer any refunds in the event that the service received does not meet your expectations or assumptions.


Our ladies like to mix it up as much as you do and fantasies are available on request (some at an extra fee), so be open with them and they will cater to your heart’s desires.

Paying and partaking in your booking –

All payments (cash or card) are made in person at our reception desk, we do not take payments online or over the phone. An ATM is available for your convenience at reception; transactions made will show on your bank statement as Blackburn ATM. Card payments made to Butterflys of Blackburn will appear on your statement as Baypeak Pty Ltd and incur an administration fee.


At the time of payment the receptionist will hand you the lady's fee in a money wallet to be paid directly by you to the lady you have chosen at the start of your booking.


Please note that Butterflys of Blackburn does not offer refunds under any circumstances.


By making a payment you confirm your booking and, furthermore, that you will adhere to the laws and regulations of the Adult Entertainment Industry as dictated by the Government of Victoria, including (but not limited to):

  • That you are aged over 18 years of age.

We provide adult entertainment and, therefore, you must be aged over 18 years of age to use our services legally. We reserve the right to request valid proof of age should you be lucky enough to need it.

  • That you will behave appropriately in the presence of your lady.

All Butterflys’ ladies are just that; ladies, and they deserve to be treated as such. Unexpected aggressive or abusive behaviour (towards any of our staff) will not be tolerated and will result in your booking being terminated and, potentially, in you being banned from our establishment. Our staff are always polite and friendly and they expect you to act the same way.

Everybody is different and every booking will vary. If you and your chosen lady don’t quite click, we ask that you respect the fact that she has tried her best to please you and to book someone else next time.

  • That you will not engage in any illegal activities whilst on our property, including bringing alcohol or drugs on to our premises.

Victorian licensing law prohibits alcohol from being brought into any Victorian brothel. This follows that you will have a much better experience with our ladies if you have not had too much to drink before your visit.

  • That you will engage in safe and consensual sexual services.

All Butterflys’ ladies are committed to practising safe sex and expect you to respect them by doing the same. Please do not ask for sex without a condom: this is both illegal and a risk to the health of you and your lady and will result in your booking being terminated. All services and extras must be agreed between the client and the lady prior to the commencement of a booking.

All patrons are expected to relax and take a shower before engaging with their lady of choice.

  • That you are hygienic and free from disease.

It is illegal for any of our ladies to work whilst knowingly carrying any form of disease or illness. They take extra lengths to protect themselves, including regular sexual health checks, and, as such, the incidence of sexually transmitted infections amongst sex workers is actually significantly lower than that of the general population (Source: WHOSE MORALITY? BROTHEL PLANNING POLICY IN SOUTH SYDNEY. Cr Chris Harcourt, page 5).


We recommend that you also get a regular sex check for your own piece of mind. In the event that you should present for your booking showing any symptoms of disease or ill health, your lady reserves the right to seek a second opinion from the receptionist on duty and to terminate your booking with no refund should they agree that you are not fit to complete the booking.

Booking Policy
Be sure to get what you come for
Booking through our website
Extras and Fantasies
Paying and partaking


We understand that your circumstances may change from time to time and we hope that you will understand should the same also be true for us.

It’s never too late to be polite -

We ask that should you make a booking with us and then find that you cannot attend, that you let us know as soon as possible so as not to keep your lady waiting: time is money, as they say. The best way is to call one of our friendly receptionists who will pass on the message for you.


Any bookings cancelled with less than 2 hours’ notice will earn you a black mark against your name in our booking system.

It is also important that you let us know if you are running late for your booking as we cannot hold your room for you. If 10 minutes passes from the time your booking was due to start, you will be deemed to be a No Show and you will lose your room.

Sorry, no refunds -

Butterflys of Blackburn does not offer refunds under any circumstances once you have entered the room with your chosen lady. This includes for reasons such as the lady not providing the service you were expecting, or if the lady refuses the service due to your lack of hygiene or your inappropriate behaviour, attitude or actions. Butterflys’ ladies do not engage in any illegal activity so spare everyone the embarrassment and don’t ask. This includes things that are illegal in the simplest context, including the use of illicit substances and smoking on premises, and things that are illegal specifically within the Victorian Adult Entertainment industry, including drinking alcohol in the brothel or practising unsafe sex, sex without a condom or engaging in sexual contact while infected.

No refunds

“Morality deals with abstract matters which are the province of philosophy, religion and conscience… . Therefore I prefer to use the word ‘ethics’, also meaning ‘morals’ but derived from ‘ethos’- ‘the characteristic spirit of a community or people’. It has a less narrowly religious ring and connotes a democratic and professional system of right conduct which I believe is more appropriate in the context…” of adult entertainment services. (Source: Scarlet Alliance)

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